Summer Safety

Fire Safety Tips for Summer


Barbeque grills:

  • Keep grills at least 10’ from any structure.
  • Never use a grill in a garage or carport.
  • Before using a gas grill, check hoses & connections for leaks (use soapy water).
  • Check that the venture tubes-where the gas & air mix-are not blocked.
  • Only use propane tanks that have a 3-pronged valve; this is an indicator that there is overfill protection on the tank.
  • Designate the grilling area a “No Play Zone” keeping kids & toys well away.
  • Never put hot ashes or coals in plastic, wood, or paper containers.
  • Keep hot ashes and coals at least 10” from anything combustible; better yet, soak them in water & stir to make sure they’re cooled off.
  • Use only starter fluid intended for barbeque grills; do not use gasoline!

Gas Appliances:

  • Re-fuel gas powered equipment away from the house, not in the garage or under the porch.
  • Let gas powered equipment cool off away from the house before storing it.
  • Only use approved/listed containers for storing fuel.
  • Never refill containers while they are in your vehicle. Always place container on the ground. This provides a ground for any static electricity buildup.


  • Have a garden hose or fire extinguisher nearby when doing any type of hotwork (for example soldering) inside your house.
  • Always check the work area ½ hour after you’re finished for hot spots or smoldering areas. Ensure contractors working in your home do the same.

For further information, contact Tom Bonura, Pleasant Hills Fire Code Official at 412-848-2559 or email [email protected]