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To everyone who made Pleasant Hills Community Day 2023 a success; even with the unforeseen weather ending the night early! Everyone from our corporate sponsors, resident donations, parade participants, vendor booths and volunteers. Without your kindness and generosity, Pleasant Hills Community Day would not be possible.

This day would not have materialized if not for our amazing planning committee; Becky Dann, Amy Martin, Kelly Theiss, Pleasant Hills Public Works, and Pleasant Hills Police Department. Thank you for making another memorable Community Day!

THANK YOU to all of our resident donors:

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Archey, Paul & Christina Armbruster, Doris & Thomas Barruso, Christine & Richard Bonk-Quel,

Bob & Carolyn Bourgeois, Carrie Breneman, Fred & Dawn Cappelli, Gerri Chelosky, Diana Crowley, Dennis Cummings,

Karen & Lawrence Cunningham, The Delmonico Family, Mary Ann Dice, Sally Dolfi, Warren & Kay Dryer,

Robyn & Julie Fennell, Abbey Fickley, Susan Fitzsimmons,Gretchen Fuller, Jim & Christina Handshue & Family,

J. Hartos Family, Steve & Eileen Heys, Sue Howard, Anne M. Jackson, Gerry & Bob Karcher, Robert Kennedy,

Joe Kennedy Family, Rita & Ed Kernisky, Bill & Judy Kerns, James & Jeanne King, Jim & Lisa Kohley,

Buck & Kathy Koontz, Sullivan Korhnak, Richard & May Lou Kossum, Joanne Kulasa,Dave & Erin Kwiatkowski,

Carol Kregenow, Tami Licht, Eduardo & Ascencion Lu, Carol & Joe Maola, In Memory of Don Martin,

Kathleen McDougle, Mary Anne McNelis, Joe & Nancy Michael, Stan Mitchell, Donna & Dan Moczydlowski,

Robert Murphy, Harry & Marianne Neel, Dennis & Kimberly Oft, Ann O’Har, Olup Family, Jeannette & Keith Pancoast,

The Paul Family, Suzanne Pisula, Khina Poudyel, Procoffie, DeLong & Washabaugh Families, Rob & Lisa Sagwitz, Maureen Schwarz, Pat & Tim Seddon, Ralphie & Franco Sella, Heidi Snyder, Jack Sommer, Jack & Sherry Stiver, Veronica Streever, Sam Tindall, Karen & Bill Trimbath, Ernie & Barbara Vattimo, Fran Voelker, Marilyn Weisensee, John Williams, Chris & Vicki Woods and Joseph Zaharewicz

THANK YOU to all our Business Contributors:

Bowser Automotive, Ethos, Bill Green Shopping Center, Snyder-Ross/ Lawrence-Ross Agency,

Comfort Keepers, Good Orthodontics, Law Office of James Miscavage, Audley Law Offices, Bill Green

Shopping Center, Mark Brody, D.M.D., Leonard Cyterski, D.M.D., Jefferson Memorial Park,

Marjorie Leof, D.M.D., Pleasant Hills Apothecary, Vujevich Dermatology Associates, Big Girl’s BBQ

THANK YOU OUR Raffle Basket Contributors

Duffy’s Pop and Beer, Vanilla Bean Salon, AR Workshop, S&T Bank, Denise Marasco/ Howard Hannah, Water Color from Nora Adams, Texas Roadhouse, Top Golf, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, TJYGS, TJYBB, Jaguar Hoops, TJ Flag Football   

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