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McCLELLAN ELEMENTARY - Starting in February we are starting the "Officer Porupsky's Good Citizen Drawing Contest" for First and Second Grade Students.  They are being asked to make a drawing showing something they did to make their community better.  They can also choose to write a sentence or two describing the kind act that is in their picture.  Awardees will be named at the beginning at each month. ss young man who consistently puts others needs in front of his own.  He is a great student and PHMS citizen.  Keep up the good work Brandon!!!

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 January 2016:

1st and 2nd Grade Good Citizen Drawing Contest winners:  January 2016)

1st Grade - Ava Sanders, Denika Bergman and Corbin Ruch

2nd Grade - Sam Wessel, Elise Yosi and Vaughn Leccia

3rd - 5th Grade CITIZENS OF THE MONTH January 2016)

3rd Grade is Dane Pust - He is very sweet and kind boy.  He goes out of his way to help other students succeed.  He works hard in class, he always gives 100% effort and is always cheerful. 

Dane Pust - 3rd Grade

4th Grade is Kiara Patel -  She is a fabulouse student and person.  She loves to learn and is also respctful to staff and peers.  Kiara is always friendly and puts others needs or feelings before herself.  She is an active member of her Girl Scout Troop and she encourages others to do their best.  She is an excellent role model!!!!!

 Kiara Patel - 4th Grade


5th Grade is Gia Solomon - She continuously volunteers to help the class to run smoothly.  Gia constantly sets a good example by being prepared for class.  Her grades are excellent which is a result of hard work and studying.  She always exhibits a positive attitude while in class and is concerned about the well-being of her peers and faculty.

Gia Solomon - 5th Grade

 Note from Officer Porupsky:

 "I am so proud of each of these great young citizens.  I know they will go on to do amazing things throughout their West Jefferson Hills School District careers and beyond.  Great job guys!!!!!"

February 2016:

3rd - 5th Grade CITIZENS OF THE MONTHFebruary 2016:)

3rd Grade is Josephine Manculich - She raised over $650.00 for Jump Rope for Heart.  She raises the money to help those who have heart disease.  Her selfless service to her community is commendable.  Great Job Josephine!! 

Josephine Manculich -3rd Grade

4th Grade is Joyce Xu - She is one of the kindest, most respectful and well-prepared students in 4th grade.  Not only is she a good student, a great helper but she also has a kind soul.  Way to go Joyce!!!


Joyce Xu - 4th Grade


5th Grade is Dani AliseskyShe is a selfless student who is constantly thinking of others.  She volunteers to assist the teachers with the handing out of important materials as well as helping with other duties.  In her time away from school she is a Girl Scout.  She visits Alzheimer patient providing companionship and any help that they may need.  Thanks for being a great citizen!!

 Dani Alisesky - 5th Grade

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The first ever PHMS Citizen of the Month winners have been named!

January 2016:

6th grade is Katherine Babilon - She volunteers at a local food bank, sang Christmas carols to the elderly during the holiday season, along with her family she helps remove trash from the side of the local roads and she is great student.  Way to go Katherine!!!! 

Katherine Babilion - 6th Grade


7th grade is Trevor Barrett - He is very selfless young man who, whether in or out of school, is always willing to help others in need.  He is a great student as well.  Good Job Trevor!!!

Trevor Barrett - 7th Grade


8th grade is Brandon Vavra -  He also is a very selfless young man who consistently puts others needs in front of his own.  He is a great student and PHMS citizen.  Keep up the good work Brandon!!!

Brandon Vavra - 8th Grade

February 2016:

7th grade is James MichenerHe helps his community in many ways including helping his elders with shoveling their driveways, bringing them flowers and food.  He is a great student in well.  His selfless actions exemplify what the CITIZEN OF THE MONTH program is all about!!!

8th grade is Giovanni Biagini - He is a hard working student who sets an example for his peers with his organizational skills and preparation.  Helpful to those in need of help including teachers and other students.  He exemplifies what PHMS P.R.I.D.E. is all about!!!!!


 Giovanni Biagini - 8th Grade



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